Anna Bessonova performed at Rythmic Gymnastic World Championship 2013 Gala
1 September 2013
Anna Bessonova at the London 2012 Olympic Games
20 August 2012
Anna is helping and supporting Team Ukraine at the Olympics in London
Anna Bessonova and her mother Victoria Bessonova on issue of the magazine
27 July 2012
Anna and her mother Victoria on July cover of the magazine "Fireside" (Domashniy ochag)
Anna Bessonova is a TV presenter on "FOOTBALL" channel
8 June 2012
During Euro 2012 Anna Bessonova and Konstantin Kirkarian are TV presenters on the TV show "EURO 2012, I love you"
The Olympic Torch Relay of the Ukrainians
29 May 2012
Anna Bessonova and Yuriy Gorbunov were two from eight torchbearers from Ukraine
Anna Bessonova tried herself as the commentator
18 March 2012
At the World Cup - Deriugina Cup Anna Bessonova and Natalia Godunko commented live on the ukrainian TV channel.
Congratulations to Albina Nikolaevna Deriugina with her 80's anniversary!
16 March 2012
Anna Bessonova visited the students of the Police Academy in Kiev
7 March 2012
The openning of the TV channel "Hockey"
3 March 2012
Viacheslav Fetisov, Pavel Bure, Anna Bessonova and other famous sportsmen were invited to the openning ceremony of the new Ukrainian TV channel "Hockey"
Anna Bessonova at Ukrainian music awards YUNA
19 February 2012
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