Anna Bessonova was born the 29th of July in 1984. Her father Vladimir Bessonov was an important Ukrainian soccer player and now he works as a coach. Her mother Viktoria Serikh integrated  the world champion Rhythmic gymnastics group. Her brother was a tennis player, he studied in Spain. Now he is a businessman and Anna's personal manager.

Bessonova began rhythmic gymnastics at age 5. Her mother would have rather seen her daughter on the ballet stage, however, Bessonova decided on rhythmic gymnastics. She is coached by the mother/daughter combination of Albina and Irina Deriugina at the Deriugins School in Kiev.

Since 2003, when Bessonova was 19, she became a leader of the Ukrainian National Team. During ten years Anna Bessonova entered the top gymnasts list.

In 2003 Bessonova became twice World Champion - she won the Hoop Event Final (Anna performed her hoop routine by music from ballet Swan Lake, this routine is still one of her best) as well as the Clubs Final. In the Budapest World Championships Anna Bessonova was very close to the All Around title, but a drop during the ball routine made her Silver medalist.

Moreover, in 2003, Anna became triple European Champion - in Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon Event Finals.

She won the bronze individual all around medals at the 2008 Beijing and 2004 Athens Olympics. (with a total score of 106.700: Ribbon 26.725, Clubs 26.950, Ball 26.525, Hoop 26.500).

In 2005 Anna Bessonova became a 6-times Silver Medalist during 2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships - in All Around, Rope, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon Finals.

In 2007, Bessonova became world champion at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Patras winning the all-around gold medal. This was long-awaited by the RG community after her second places at the previous 2003 and 2005 Championships.

Also, in 2008 Bessonova won all around golds at the LA Lights, Deriugina Cup (Kiev World Cup) and Miss Valentine Competitions as well as the all around silver at the European Championships in Torino. At 2008 World Cup events, Anna accumulated 15 medals. The year culminated in her all around bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics.

In 2009, Anna placed first in the All-Around at the Kiev World Cup and Deriugina Cup events, and also won bronze in both the World and European Championships.

In 2010, Anna Bessonova retired and officially finished her proffesional carrier at Deriugina Cup Gran Prix. 

Presently, Anna conducts her master-classes all over the world, participates in different  gala shows and international performances. Moreover, she activelly takes part in the training process of Ukrainian young gymnasts.

 Anna Bessonova achievments