Anna Bessonova is one of the most graceful and elegant sportsmen of all times. It is the standard of beauty and success in sport and a cooperation with Anna will always come into a notice and positive reviews of public of all ages.


Bessonova performing with already legendary appearances with her brandname jumps and elements all over the world. You have the possibility to invite Anna for performance in a show program of competitions or different large measures.


After many years of trainings and appearances on different competitions Anna purchased priceless experience in a rythmic gymnastic and now she passes her experience to the young generation. Anna with pleasure conducts master-classes for young gymnasts all over the world and you can invite her for such training class at your gymnastic school.


Anna is very popular not only in Ukraine but also in many other countries of the world. It is the example of successful and beautiful sportsmen obtaining everything the persistent labour and patience. Anna Bessonova would become the face of one of your companies, to advertise your products and participate in PR campaigns. This collaboration will bring only positive results to your company.